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New Beginners Preparatory

Prepare yourself for your brightest future. New Beginners Preparatory is pioneering the field of education through our dedication and commitment to our students’ needs. We offer a unique educational experience, designed to enhance intellectual growth and promote participatory engagement. We welcome all prospective students for a visit anytime.

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Teenage Students Raising Hands

New Beginners Preparatory was established in 2004.

The first official classroom started with 10 students at our Dallas location in 2008.

(Paul, Wiliam, Victoria, Jeremy, Quinton, Dominique, Jacquiline, Kierra, Eric and Makayla)

Since the fall of 2008 New Beginners Preparatory has grown tremendously with full time classes for students as well as adults.

New Beginners Preparatory's trademark "Novus Satus" stands for giving all students a "Fresh Start".

These students including athletes have since attended major colleges and universities.


School fun days are an important part of student educational life at any level. Allowing students to enjoy a day of fun activities to break up the routine of school work is healthy and makes school more enjoyable for students and faculty.

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The typical student we consider for New Beginners Preparatory School is experiencing difficulties with school, family, and often peers. Generally, this is a teen (ages 14-18) who has done well in the past, and whose family has watched him or her struggle more and more with life demands, despite the obvious potential for meeting these expectations. Often, the student has had little success in individual therapy, and may display a growing uncomfortable acceptance of “failing” in academic and emotional struggles.
The intent of our admissions process is to determine whether New Beginners Preparatory can meet the needs of your teen and your family. Often times, families find it helpful to connect with an Educational Consultant to help direct them to appropriate types of programs.

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Wow! What an exciting time to be at New Beginners Preparatory I am thrilled to welcome our incoming students and families. We have quite an exciting year ahead of us! We have many new staff members joining our incredible team and I am eager for you all to get to know each other. The faculty, staff, and I look forward to greeting you and sharing the year ahead. We are busy preparing for the new school year which begins Monday, August 15th at 11:00 a.m.

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"Before I got into the preparatory course, I was a mother of two, struggling from paycheck to paycheck, trying to pay rent, bills, and meet the needs of my daughters. When I went through the training, things became easier. I had a great teacher who took the time to stop and help us learn from our mistakes."
~Valerie Brown, New Beginners Graduate.


Our school systems still believe in educating people the same way they did over 100 years ago.  New Beginners has always believed there is more than one way to teach. Click the link below and let Prince Ea tell you why there's a time for change in education.


The old adage “practice makes perfect” isn’t totally true. Deliberate practice under the right conditions, with the correct mindset, is more like it. Instead of reading through all of the lecture notes and redoing old homework problems, top students make themselves practice exams, and rehearse their exam performance.

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Dallas, Texas 75237



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